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By WTSG, on 12th October, 2017

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About us

Plus uPvc Windows and Doors, is a start-up providing end to end solutions for uPvc windows and doors for homes, hospitals, hotels and commercial establishments. In the year 2012 Plus was established as a provider and supplier of Aluminum Window systems in Siliguri, West Bengal, India. Constant innovation and Customer satisfaction propelled us to venture into uPvc Windows in the year 2014.Today,we have operations in the states of West Bengal, Bihar ,Orissa, the seven sisters,i.e;Assam, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya and Tripura. We has also established our presence in Bhutan and some parts of Nepal. Each window is designed keeping in mind the characteristic of the building it finds use in. For eg, Sliding and casement uPVC windows are popular in homes and bungalows whereas combination uPVc windows are used in schools colleges hospitals etc. Plus also offers choices in the glasses used by you in terms of colour, thickness and glazing.(Single Glass, DOUBLE GLASS,LAMINATED GLASS).

Villa window  / Bay window / Fixed window / Slide and fold

How does Plus Work.

We look to make things easy for you as much as possible. At Plus, we would like your experience to be as smooth and enriching at the same time. In an industry with established and well reputed companies, Plus offers its own perspective and we would be happy to put that to test. The stages of a deal are provided below.

Here are the stages that we’ll both go through before and after you place the order.

Enquiry |Design | Initial quote | Measurement | Actual quote | Production | Delivery | Installation | Service |
Advantages of Plus u PVC Windows
Maximum Energy Efficiency
Effortless Operation
Structural Strength
Security Addressed

Easy Clean
uPvc window frames are dust free and can be cleaned easily. Plus Offers customers accessories to help keep the windows clean. The laminated or wooden textured frames do not peel off and remain same throughout.

uPvc windows last the test of time. They carry a warranty of 20 years and are heavier than any wooden or aluminum.

Vinyl cannot be painted, so an exact color match may be difficult to achieve.

The uPvc frames and sash have built in chambers where a Galvanised Iron(GI) is added to provide stiffness and strength to the window.

uPvc windows and doors are available in various finishes and are perfect replacements for both Aluminum and Wooden windows. The windows give the interiors as well as the exteriors a perfect blend of both, the modern and the contemporary.

uPvc Windows and Doors are uncreative any weather and thus do not corrode or peel off with time.
Energy Efficiency & Thermal Performance
uPvc windows do not radiate heat or cold and are neutral in nature. They are designed to provide the industry’s best energy efficiency.
Noise Reduction
uPvc Frames are noise retardants. Double glass or triple glass provides more reduction according to the environment in which the window is installed.
Lower maintenance requirements than both wood and aluminum. No need to repaint or restrain ever, since they are the same color throughout.

Window fittings & Hardware

Window Designs & Styles


SlidingSliding windows come in 2 Sash or more and are the easiest to use Plus Upvc windows. These windows are popular due to their ease and it also fits the requirements of the customer.
2TS Window | 3TS Window | 3TS with mesh | 2T 4SASH + 2 mesh | 4 track | Track |

For clear and unobstructed view, Casement windows are the most suitable of option. These windows are air tight and also provide maximum reduction of sound. When an inside openable mesh in added it is called the Villa window. A pull down mesh can also be used along with a casement window. These windows have hinges, friction stays and Multi Pont locking systems for easy use. The top hung casement windows provide more space in areas like the bathrooms.

Tilt and turn
An option available in uPVc is the tilt and turn window. A very popular design outside India, these are windows which can tilt inside and even be turned with the help of hinges installed in the side frame.

Combination windows are used in places where only a little air is required to pass or where budget is limited. The combination window can have one openable sash along with a fixed frame. These windows are installed for safety of children and in hotels/Hospitals etc.

These profiles have low maintenance and they blend in with the interiors of your home. These are wooden laminates pasted with precision on the profiles. Often used in place of wood winows, they will last the long cold winters and dry summers.


Glass as we know finds its place in many areas in your home. For a window, the glass is important because a lot of factors like, sound reduction, heat insulation, security, air tightness, thickness, clarity etc depend on it. Some of the options for you are listed below.

As the name suggests, it provides a clear view of what is outside. Better to use curtains or blinds along with Clear glass.

Tinted as the name suggests is used for “tinting the sunlight”. It means that the light coming in shall be reduced by the glass.

Blurred Glass or Frosted glass is used in washrooms, bathrooms and wherever the room is to be kept absolutely out of sight and view.

These are coated glasses which reflect heat and radiation.

These glasses are used for security purposes. Two glasses joined together with a layer of PVB (polyvinylbutyral) in between them.


Window mesh or Insect screens as the name suggests is to keep insects and mosquitoes at bay while you can enjoy the view and the breeze. Plus provides you with the option to use MESH PLUS, anon tear able, easy maintenance mesh. The types of mesh options depend on the designs of the windows.
Some of the options offered by Plus are listed below.


uPvc windows and doors are as good as the hardware which functions as the bridge between you, the customer and the Window. A good hardware is one which is easy to use, has distinct style and appeal and has a long life. Plus uPvc window hardware will warrant a second look from your guests with the unique style and features of the handles accessories used
An added accessory with uPvc window is the grill facility that can be used to secure homes. Grills are made of SS or MS make. These are installed with the uPvc windows.


Plus Ladders can be used in various areas in the house, shops, and commercial buildings or even in departments like electricity and PWD. Plus provides ladders in both Aluminum and FRP. The different types of ladders are listed here. Plus ladders have been used in factories in Sikkim(medical companies, Govt projects etc),Bhutan(Government |Construction),and in Nepal.

Plus Ladders for homes, shops and small establishments. These ladders can be used for day to day household chores. Plus ladders come in Light, Medium and heavy ranges. The thickness of aluminum used is 1.8 mm upwards. The ladders are available in sizes ranging from 4’ and above.

Extension ladder
Industrial ladder
Telescopic ladder
Tower extension ladder
Trolley step ladder.
Wall support
Extension ladder
Self Support ladders
Foldable platform ladder
Self supported extension ladders
Industrial step stand
Mini mobile platform ladder
Mobile platform ladders
Telescopic trolley
Man hole ladder


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